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Pleasure and joy

My full name is Alessandra Barbara Suzanne Monteseña Oram, hence why my instagram profile name is @ABSMO (my initials). I am English/Kiwi/Filipina, born in Hong Kong, educated in England and had my heart stolen whilst on holiday in Barcelona!


Yoga has been part of my life for many years, studying in Hong Kong under my guru – Dario Calvaruso – in Navakarana Vinyasa.


After a few years of teaching small groups, my partner and I opened MA•NA Yoga Loft – an old workshop space transformed into a newly renovated yoga studio in the heart of Barcelona.

Today we teaching hundreds of students each week with the essence of MA•NA (meaning spiritual power in Maori).


We have also been leading retreats across Spain and worldwide for a few years where we get to connect with students as friends and deepen both our practices both on and off the mat.


MA•NA is also solely dedicated to sharing the practice and methodology of Navakarana Vinyasa. From talking closely with Dario before we opened, we discussed about not opening a typical YOGA STUDIO structure. And instead create an Academy of Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa, where people can learn, study, not just practice, see progress from week to week, month to month and learn the progression to self-transform. Navakaraṇa is a powerful, transformative method and we want the physical space of MA•NA to embody that essence and be a unique space for people to gather.


MA•NA has also started to provide opportunity to those that want to dive deeper into the method, through workshops and trainings. There has already been so much transformation in our students and teachers (including myself) in the last year. From the guidance of Dario Calvuruso and from all that we share together as a community!

About the teacher

  • There is a depth and intensity to the experience of each practice with Alessandra. She will share her love for the practice of Navakarana Vinyāsa and guide you through movements that are carefully composed, intentionally sequenced and beautifully fluid.
  • You will be guided through her precise instructions, mantras will be sung during the practice and the rhythm of your breath will be marked through the beating of a stick on block. 
  • There is a gentle fierceness that infuses Alessandra’s teachings, and inspires one to truly dive in, beyond their perceived comfort zones.

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