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Our Culture & Family
A life in which one wakes up to a purple-haze sunrise, silent meditation and yoga practice, and ends the day dancing with loved ones to Greek melodies, ouzo in hand, overlooking a blood moon lit bay. Kea Retreat is a place where prayerfulness is most alive in dance and gratitude is shown to existence by fully embracing all of life’s abundant offerings.

Culture & Family



A life in which one wakes up to a purple sunrise, silent meditation and yoga practice, and ends the day dancing with loved ones to Greek melodies, ouzo in hand, overlooking a blood moon lit bay.



The essence of Kea Retreat can be heard in the traditional Greek rebetiko music, when the bouzouki makes one hop and leap to the sky with ecstasy.

 It is seen in the glistening silver leaves of the olive grove and blood-moon beams that rise mid bay and bring one’s eyes to tears. Smelt in the lavender blossoms that soothe the soul when the breeze passes through the valley.

  • Zviki & Anat Eshet

Zviki & Anat Eshet

Zviki and Anat discovered Kea almost 3 decades ago on a family vacation with their two boys, Yehonatan and Uriel. Coming from an urban background in Tel Aviv, they suddenly found themselves warped back in time at the old Greek monastery, Kastriani. Without knowing a word in Greek, they immediately felt at home and fell in love with the abundant simplicity the locals and land reverberated. And, after a few days looking out at the infinite blue horizon and nights gazing at the star-filled sky, they decided to shift their life’s trajectory and leave Israel to move and live in nature.

  • Yoni


Yoni is the eldest of Zviki and Anat’s two sons, and the more meditative “spiritually-inclined” one in the family.

Due to his parent’s decision to move to New Zealand, connect with nature, and seek deeper purpose in life, Yoni grew up in a spiritually abundant and experiential environment that heavily influenced who he is today.

This passion took form during his bachelor's degree at NYU’s Gallatin school for individualized studies, where Yoni researched and wrote a thesis about the effects of narratives and ideology on the development of self/identity and the power of meditation and psychedelics to reconnect with our true/natural essence.

  • Uriel


Uriel is the youngest of Zviki and Anat’s two sons, and one could say he is our “in-house” artist.

From a very young age Uriel found a passion in art, beginning with painting and music and expanding into product design and culinary arts.

His involvement in the family’s restaurant business over the years, including opening and managing a number of the group's concepts, eventually led him to pick up his knife and enter the kitchen, delving into the world of cooking / culinary arts.

Throughout the past 7 years, Uriel completed extensive studies in farm-to-table culinary arts at the International Culinary Center in NYC and has spent time working at a number of the world’s most acclaimed restaurants – Noma, Ikoyi, Amass, Estela, and Blue Hill.

A Kick to Heaven

Zviki and Anat’s search for meaning and healing is a lifelong journey… A Kick to Heaven, a documentary film produced by Zviki, embodies this search through a family trip back to New Zealand – the place they suddenly found themselves living, reconnecting to themselves, and discovering what life means to them.

A Kick to Heaven is a journey of uncompromising search for the inner home and drive for living fully. Zviki Eshet takes a sharp and intimate look at the existential questions of identity, love and belonging, awakening in its viewers a passion for purpose.