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Join Our Family

Join our Greek family for a summer on the island and enjoy

Daily swims in a secluded glistening blue bay, 

Walks amongst the olive trees and grapevines, 

Exquisite meals made from our homegrown produce and by michelin trained chef 

Dancing to Greek melodies

Connecting with a good hearted, joyous, and generous family


We are looking for experienced, kind, and motivated individuals to join the family in the following roles: 

  • Retreat Facilitators

Retreat Facilitators

(Yoga, mediation, breathwork, or any other healing modality)


  • Facilitators/Practitioners are invited to co-create with us a 6-night long retreat 
  • Their role is to lead the content offered throughout the week while we handle all operational nuances (accomodations, food and beverages, marketing, etc)

Contact deatail


phone   # +30 6986 774151

  • Cooks


  • Work with and learn from our head chef, Uri Eshet, who has worked at some of the world’s most acclaimed restaurants (Noma, Ikoyi, Estela, Blue Hill, etc).
  • Gain experience in farming and developing new recipes for various retreats
  • Be part of the development and opening of Kea Retreat’s upcomingrestaurant

Contact deatail


phone   # +30 6986 774151