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Like water, in order to remain fresh we must bring motion to our emotions

Hagar Shachal is a meditative movement facilitator, who focuses on bridging between our physical and emotional movement.


Having spent the majority of her life as a professional contemporary dancer at some of the world’s leading companies, Hagar holds a breadth of expertise in various movement techniques including Ashtanga Yoga, guided intuitive movement, and dance.


Paired with her studies in focusing, meditative, and art therapy, yogic philosophy, and her love for and knowledge in movement and meditation, she guides individuals to connect with their bodies as a channel to connect with and express their authentic selves.


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Teacher's Note

Like water, if we remain stagnant

What you will take home?

  • Accessible self care tools to release blockages and access liveliness
  • A renewed appreciation and curiosity for your body and movement
  • A rejuvenated mind, body + spirit
  • Light and playful attitude towards life
  • Well nourished heart and stomach