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This path has no end, and its gifts are infinite

Meet Yeva Don—a soulful traveler and guide on the journey of self-discovery. Born in Russia in 1984, Yeva's destiny led her across the globe, living in diverse places from Israel to Tulum. Along this winding road, she successfully developed an ethical clothing brand in Tulum, cultivating deep relationships and learning the true art of enjoying life.


Yeva's journey has been a labyrinth of changing professions and relationships, battling self-judgment and the pursuit of external validation. Struggling with self-hatred and destructive behaviors, she embarked on a quest for self-love and growth, abandoning the notion of becoming a "Perfect Self" and focusing on alignment with her soul.


Immersing herself in various ideologies, therapies, and practices—from conventional psychology, Chinese medecine, Ayurveda and sacred plant medicines, shamanism, Kabbalah, Sufism, Qi-Gong, Zen, Vedic, Buddhist, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Tantra, Astrology, I-Ching, Human Design, Psych-K, Biohacking— Yeva discovered that everything she needed was already within. Reconnecting with her soul and finding joy in the mundane, Yeva mastered tools for each situation. Her path is a continuous journey of experimentation, practice, and sharing, with an endless array of gifts to offer those navigating their own experience. Yeva is here to guide, inspire, and share the gifts of self-discovery on this unending path.


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Teacher's Note

My retreats are always about connection; with oneself, the present moment, nature and those around. I create an atmosphere that invites authentic exchange, profound experience and joyful moments.

What you will take home?

  • How to connect to our sacred essence
  • How to create seasonal rituals to support emotional well-being
  • Connecting to the organic instinctual wisdom of the body
  • Self-care tools
  • Meditation practices
  • Connect with like minded people / community
  • Learning the uses of plants as allies for physical and spiritual healing
  • Ancient techniques to deal with day to day stress and soothe your nervous system 
  • Acquire different breathing tools to live a balanced life 
  • The ability to make decisions based on clarity rather than confusion
  • Reconnection to pleasure and slowness

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