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Profound experience and joyful moments

Jenny Hirtz is a certified yoga teacher based in Berlin. She has traveled and lived all over the world; wherever she goes, yoga is her faithful companion. She initially was trained in India under the guidance of traditional teachers, who instilled in her a profound practice, free from any judgment and competition. For the past six years she has been sharing her passion full-time in classes, seminars, yoga teacher trainings and retreats all over Europe.


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Teacher's Note

My retreats are always about connection; with oneself, the present moment, nature and those around. I create an atmosphere that invites authentic exchange, profound experience and joyful moments.

What you will take home?

  • Energetic effects of asana, mudra and pranayama 
  • Different meditation techniques and guided ceremonies that facilitate connection to your inner wisdom and intuition
  • Breathing exercises to manage your energy and energize or calm the mind and the body
  • Go beyond superficial yoga practice in short open classes and learn more about all the elements of yoga
  • Take your physical practice to the next level, but more than that learn more about the transformational and healing powers of yoga and meditation
  • Learn about different energy centers (chakras) of the body and the aspects they relate to in our lives, exploring the connection between the body and the mind
  • Understand asana (posture) and their effects on the muscular and endocrine system as well as on emotions and mental wellbeing
  • Indulge in the healing practices of soothing yin yoga for deep tissue release