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Life is a present, spend it wisely!

Sita's work is deeply rooted in the intersection of spirituality & cultural sustainability that interweaves Yoga, Tantra and the science of life - Ayurveda.

For Sita, Spirituality is inherently rooted in her being. Having grown up in India to a ritualistic Hindu devotee father and Himalayan shaman mother, Sita already began attending girl circles at age eight – sparking her interest in chanting and mantras. And since then, she has explored the different landscapes of the spiritual world through many eastern traditions and practices - yoga, tantra while incorporating principles of the Ayurvedic lifestyle from working with healing foods to living with the rhythms of nature.

To her, yoga, tantra and other frameworks are tools to find the inner joy that lies at the intersection of our body and emotions while continuously navigating the material world.


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Teacher's Note

The true essence of this rewilding program is - CONNECTION! These practices and experiences will facilitate space to reconnect, land and arrive into your body, mind and soul. Participants will return home feeling more enrgersied! Taking  home with you the essence of mindfulness and self knowlege that guided and supported you over the weeks with us here at Kea retreat.

What you will take home?

  • Powerful pranayama techniques and methods to support detox, elevate your mood or help you find deep relaxation.
  • A morning yoga movement practice which will build a strong foundation for your wellness and rewilding journey. And by the end of the retreat, you will be self equipped with the knowledge and understanding of what works for you. 
  • Weaving your physical and emotional journeys with the path of tantra. 
  • Knowledge on the roots of tantra and different techniques of tantra meditation. 
  • Meditation tools and techniques: During this retreat, you will be taught a few different techniques of tantra meditation. 
  • Sacred chants of Sanskrit that can support you to dive deep into your spiritual journey and connect to the vibrations of your body. 
  • An understanding of the chakra system and ways to work with them to elevate your vibration and energy.

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