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Life is a present, spend it wisely!

Meet Anastasia Papadouli, a radiant soul hailing from Greece, who wears multiple hats as a Yoga teacher, Reiki therapist, and professional photographer. Anastasia's yoga repertoire spans various styles, including hatha, yin yang flow, creative flow vinyasa, and yin yoga.


In every class, Anastasia sees an opportunity to forge heart-to-heart connections with her students. Her classes are not just about the physical practice; they're a canvas for inspiration and mutual growth. Anastasia finds immense joy in witnessing her students bloom and cherishes the authenticity of being her true self.


Anastasia's outgoing personality effortlessly connects with people from all walks of life. She believes in the transformative power of yoga, a practice that helps us remember our true essence and live our precious lives with love. As a perpetual student herself, Anastasia is on a journey to inspire and be inspired, creating spaces where self-discovery and genuine connection thrive.


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Teacher's Note

We will create a community space for you to relax into and take the needed space you need to rejuvenate or come together. Everyday will be filled with offerings we can implement as tools for a happier, more abundant life… Take the time to invest in your-Self!

What you will take home?

  • A more loving approach towards yourself and your life
  • Authentic Self-Expression
  • Blanced Tenderness and Power
  • Grounded Connection to Your Heart
  • Personalized Sadhana Tools
  • Reverence for nature
  • Commitment to Self-Care
  • Mindfulnelness in Everyday Actions
  • Enhanced Emotional Intelligence
  • Resillience in Adversity
  • Holistic Blueprint for Well-Being

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