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Moving Through is an invitation to explore your depths through movement and self-inquiry. Let's delve into what's truly alive within you. Bring your persistent patterns or sudden revelations, and embark on a journey of movement, observation, and self-discovery.


Our sessions are carefully designed to create space for new insights, expanding your range of motion and flexibility in both body and mind through numerous yoga practices, intuitive movement offerings, meditations, constellation work, sound Nidra, stress pattern release, voice work, water journeys, etc. Within the safety of the group, playful creativity emerges, leading you to a space of no mind through experimentation and shared experiences.


In between active movement, find time for reflection, tuning in, and radical rest. Laugh, play, explore, and have fun while embracing the magic of the bay and farm.


Moving Through is a space of genuine care, where transparent communication, reflection, and open sharing of ideas flourish. It's both a group experience and a personal journey – come as you are. Holistic movement, rooted in the belief that imbalance leads to ill health, forms the heart of this retreat. Engage in practices like Yin Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, Authentic Movement, Breathwork, and more to rebalance your internal energies and patterns.


Regardless of your movement level, everyone is welcome to benefit from this retreat. Join us and reconnect with balance, spirituality, and creative power – step into the wisdom of your body and rediscover what truly moves you.

A fusion of Yogic practices and other movement offerings: Start the day with a mindful & dynamic class focused on alignments, Ujjayi breath and core activation. We will explore various movement modalities, play around with poses, variations & transitions. 

A fusion Yin Yoga and Reflective Practices: End the day with a relaxing and calming class focused on muscle stretches, heart opening and hips & lower back release. Guided meditations will also be offered.

Special offerings

An effective therapeutic process that helps break destructive patterns of unhappiness and bring any aspect of your life back into alignment.

A meditative practice involving the use of resonant music. Immersive sounds fill the room and the body, aiming to help people relax and let go of stress, anxiety, or other worries and concerns.

  • Arianne de vos Burchart
  • Arianne de vos Burchart
  • Arianne de vos Burchart
  • Arianne de vos Burchart
  • Arianne de vos Burchart

Arianne de vos Burchart

Your teacher

Arianne is fascinated by the healing language of our body and mind - our ultimate source of communication for spatial poetry and at the same time the best thermometer of the self.


Ariannes yoga classes are a sensitive blend of caring Yin Yoga with a touch of dynamic Free Flow and Yoga Nidra Sound Healing.

The focus is on reconnecting with the self, rediscovering, constantly questioning yourself and breathing in the moment.


Arianne is a choreographer and in addition to her many years of work as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, she also teaches dance and movement work.


Trained by Kaitiza Satya, Marco Bianco, Sandra Bianco (ashtanga vinyasa tt 200 hr), Paul & Suzee Grilley, Anat Geiger (yin yoga), Louise Ellis, Gabriele Severini (asthanga), Bo Forbes (yogatherapy), Rusty Wells (bhakti flow ), Noah McKenna (anatomy), Peggy Hackney, Ciel Wertz, Valery Preston Dunlop (Laban dance therapy). Deborah Hay, Julyan Hamilton (instant choreography), she combines yoga, dance and sound for a holistic and gentle transformation of your yoga students around the world.

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  • You will go home feeling revitalized and grounded with a few tools to help you create a balanced yogic routine. As BKS Iyengar said "Know your capacities and continually improve upon them". 
  • Comprehension of the asanas. You will be able to practice yoga by yourself with the right alignments to get the most out of each posture
  • Different pranayama (breathing techniques) to strengthen the connection between your body and mind.
  • Different kriyas to cleanse and purify your body
  • The fundamentals of the yoga philosophy 
  • A deeper connection with your body. We will work on your body awareness throughout these six days to improve your balance and your pain management
  • A clearer vision of your strengths and limitations. You will have a direction to help you keep a healthy body and spine
  • Specific variations and modifications for your yoga practice

Retreating with us

  • 5 night and 6 days long, from Sunday to Friday
  • Full board in an upscale traditionally designed cottage with private balcony
  • Two yoga classes per day
  • One meditation or celebration/ceremony per day 
  • 3 abundant and delicious meals each day (cooked using our fresh farm and sea produce)
  • One group dinner at Kea Retreat’s family’s taverna
  • Yoga equipment and accessories (mats, blocks, bolsters, straps, and blankets)
  • Pickup and drop off at ferry station
  • Swimming pool with in water lounging section
  • Vegetable garden
  • A private bay
  • Spontaneous dancing every night

Additional Activities:

Kayaks – venture into the sea with our kayaks, double or single, to discover caves and more isolated beaches.

Snorkeling – for those looking to discover what’s lurking under the surface and meet our local fish, or do some shell diving, snorkels and goggles are available.

Illoulida – walk down to the ancient capital, Ioulida, during sunset hours to explore the beautiful architecture and small shops (clothing, ceramics, local produce).

Island boat trip – set sail around the island on a calm ocean bed to uncover hidden corners of the island that can only be experienced by boat.

Hikes – the island is full of ancient trails that cross through farmlands and forests, up greeny hills, or down to secret shores with ruins from the 12th century BC.

Kastriani monastery – drive up the windy cliffs of the northern peak of the island to the breathtakingly beautiful blue and white Greek orthodox monastery that overlooks the Aegean sea.

Winery – have a picnic between the grape leaves of Kea Retreat’s vineyard while sipping on their locally grown wine.

Arts and crafts – feel free to use the art supplies situated on the shelf and let your creativity flow.

Music and Instruments – strum away at the guitar or play the tibetan bowls to the intoxicating sounds of nature.

Relax – unwind by picking a book off of the shelf and laying down on one of the outdoor beanbags, hammocks, or couches, or take a few more steps down to the beach and soak up some sun.


'Passionate, dedicated and attentive to her students, Lisa is an excellent yoga teacher. Alternating between softness and dynamism, her classes are a real source of peace.
Concerned about the well-being and progress of her students, Lisa adapts her lessons to their needs and desires, constantly offering new tailored practices. After a yoga class with Lisa, you can't help but be won over!'