Embark on a Greek summer dream with a holistic well-being program that weaves together dynamic yoga sequences, restorative practices, dance celebrations, ceremonies, breathwork and meditations that deepen your connection with nature and the present moment.


Experience a harmonious journey through the tales of your body, your sensory systems, and earthly delights, all set against the backdrop of the serene Greek summer. Allow each experience to be a note in the symphony of well-being, guiding you to dwell in the Now and align with the beauty of the surrounding nature. Join us on this transformative exploration, where the melody of your body, the dance of celebration, and the meditative moments harmonize into a symphony of summer bliss.

Each morning we will awaken calmly with nature with guided Meditation & Pranayama. Followed by a well-balanced, uplifting Vinyasa Flow, channeling vital energy, synchronicing breath and movement, preparing body and mind for a beautiful day ahead.

Each evening we will unwind with calming practices such as Yin Yoga, Slow Flow, Restorative Movements, or gentle pranayama techniques to release the energy of the day and slowly unwind with the setting sun.

Special offerings

Connect to the moon and honor its wisdom with a Full Moon ceremony that includes a sacred, heart-opening cacao ceremony and a freeing ecstatic dance experience.

Explore the depth and power of your breath. This ancient yogic practices will guide you out of your head into the presence of our body and spaciousness of our mind. Experience unknown lands of sensation and energy inside your own body to see more clearly and live more freely.

Explore the tools of self-care and learn how to effortlessly integrate them into your daily life. Create a personalized self-care routine that you can implement after your return home.

  • Marlene Schmitt
  • Marlene Schmitt
  • Marlene Schmitt
  • Marlene Schmitt
  • Marlene Schmitt
  • Marlene Schmitt
  • Marlene Schmitt
  • Marlene Schmitt

Marlene Schmitt

Your teacher

Berlin-based Marlene Schmitt is an internationally trained yoga teacher with over two decades of bodywork experience. It is her vision to share yoga in an undogmatic and open way accessible to all.

In 2017 she co-founded Yoga on the Move, a yoga collective offering yoga studio classes, pop-up events, online courses, and teacher trainings.

For Marlene, sharing yoga means creating a space where everyone is allowed to simply BE, in the here and now, connected to body and mind through breath. With her powerful and creative Vinyasa sequences, she allows us to dive into deeper layers of consciousness, to expand our body-mind connection and to grow beyond habitual thought patterns and beliefs.

After guiding many retreats across Europe she is really looking forward to be back at Kea to share her passion & gratitude to Yoga with you and guide you in your personal journey.

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  • Feeling great in your body and mind
  • Deep inner connection, calmness and clarity 
  • Countless, unforgettable memories
  • New friends in Greece and across the world
  • Self-care tools to implement in day-to-day life
  • The fundamentals of the yoga philosophy 
  • A deeper connection with your body. We will work on your body awareness throughout these six days to improve your balance and your pain management
  • A clearer vision of your strengths and limitations. You will have a direction to help you keep a healthy body and spine
  • Specific variations and modifications for your yoga practice

Retreating with us

  • 6 days/5 nights long, from Sunday to Friday
  • Full board in an upscale traditionally designed cottage with private balcony
  • Two yoga classes per day
  • One meditation or celebration/ceremony per day 
  • 3 abundant and delicious meals each day (cooked using our fresh farm and sea produce)
  • One group dinner at Kea Retreat’s family’s taverna
  • Yoga equipment and accessories (mats, blocks, bolsters, straps, and blankets)
  • Pickup and drop off at ferry station
  • Swimming pool with in water lounging section
  • Vegetable garden
  • A private bay
  • Spontaneous dancing every night

Additional Activities:

Kayaks – venture into the sea with our kayaks, double or single, to discover caves and more isolated beaches.

Snorkeling – for those looking to discover what’s lurking under the surface and meet our local fish, or do some shell diving, snorkels and goggles are available.

Illoulida – walk down to the ancient capital, Ioulida, during sunset hours to explore the beautiful architecture and small shops (clothing, ceramics, local produce).

Island boat trip – set sail around the island on a calm ocean bed to uncover hidden corners of the island that can only be experienced by boat.

Hikes – the island is full of ancient trails that cross through farmlands and forests, up greeny hills, or down to secret shores with ruins from the 12th century BC.

Kastriani monastery – drive up the windy cliffs of the northern peak of the island to the breathtakingly beautiful blue and white Greek orthodox monastery that overlooks the Aegean sea.

Winery – have a picnic between the grape leaves of Kea Retreat’s vineyard while sipping on their locally grown wine.

Arts and crafts – feel free to use the art supplies situated on the shelf and let your creativity flow.

Music and Instruments – strum away at the guitar or play the tibetan bowls to the intoxicating sounds of nature.

Relax – unwind by picking a book off of the shelf and laying down on one of the outdoor beanbags, hammocks, or couches, or take a few more steps down to the beach and soak up some sun.