Picture yourself surrounded by nature, where the environment and offerings are interweaved to reignite your zest for life and invite you to feel excited and in awe of the beauty that blooms both around and within.


In this cozy haven of self-discovery, we will enjoy yoga sessions and fun writing workshops that help clear your mind and connect with your inner self. Think of the peaceful sounds of nature and the warmth of the sun creating an atmosphere that encourages you to come back to your heart. "Bloom into Freedom" isn't just a retreat; it's a chance to give room to whatever you've repressed and make friends with all the parts that form your being, reclaiming a sense of freedom and joy.


Join us in this beautiful process of self-renewal, where the mix of yoga, meditation, self inquiry, nature activities and the beauty and abundance around us gives us plenty of nourishment for us to blossom into our true, free selves.

Anusara inspired Yoga Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation 

Philosophy and sacred discussion / sharings, journaling / creative writing and contemplation, rituals, walking meditations and mythic stories.

Special offerings

rich with non-dual Tantra philosophy and mythology to expand the heart. 

to support a deeper connection to the archetypes. 

creative writing practices to further explore our inner world



Your teacher

Lauren Lee is an E-RYT 500, Anusara-Certified teacher, and devoted student on the path of yoga. She is fueled by a life of travel and exploration, of both the world around her and the inner landscape through her spiritual practices.

Lauren’s intelligently sequenced classes are inspired by the Hatha, Anusara and Vinyasa lineages, and aim to nourish and integrate the physical and subtle bodies. Through breath and alignment based movement, she threads Universal themes to invite a deeper connection to the body, mind and heart. She empowers students to move on the mat with intention, integrity, truth and love.

Lauren resides in Ibiza where she shares her teachings and love for life with the eclectic and bohemian community the island attracts. She is a faculty member of the Bindu Institute for Learning and is continuously humbled by the depth of the teachings and our ability to grow and evolve as individuals, and further awaken the collective embodiment.

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  • Experience a week of embodiment practices to strengthen and open your body, mind and heart.
  • Explore archetypes of the Masculine / Feminine through Hindu mythology to awaken new aspects of yourself.
  • Cultivate simple rituals to sustain your connection to your Masculine and Feminine power.
  • Connect, collaborate and co-create with others in a safe and nourishing space.  

Retreating with us

  • 5 days/nights long, from Sunday to Friday
  • Full board in an upscale traditionally designed cottage with private balcony
  • Two yoga classes per day
  • One meditation or celebration/ceremony per day 
  • 3 abundant and delicious meals each day (cooked using our fresh farm and sea produce)
  • One group dinner at Kea Retreat’s family’s taverna
  • Yoga equipment and accessories (mats, blocks, bolsters, straps, and blankets)
  • Pickup and drop off at ferry station
  • Swimming pool with in water lounging section
  • Vegetable garden
  • A private bay
  • Spontaneous dancing every night

Additional Activities:

Kayaks – venture into the sea with our kayaks, double or single, to discover caves and more isolated beaches.

Snorkeling – for those looking to discover what’s lurking under the surface and meet our local fish, or do some shell diving, snorkels and goggles are available.

Illoulida – walk down to the ancient capital, Ioulida, during sunset hours to explore the beautiful architecture and small shops (clothing, ceramics, local produce).

Island boat trip – set sail around the island on a calm ocean bed to uncover hidden corners of the island that can only be experienced by boat.

Hikes – the island is full of ancient trails that cross through farmlands and forests, up greeny hills, or down to secret shores with ruins from the 12th century BC.

Kastriani monastery – drive up the windy cliffs of the northern peak of the island to the breathtakingly beautiful blue and white Greek orthodox monastery that overlooks the Aegean sea.

Winery – have a picnic between the grape leaves of Kea Retreat’s vineyard while sipping on their locally grown wine.

Arts and crafts – feel free to use the art supplies situated on the shelf and let your creativity flow.

Music and Instruments – strum away at the guitar or play the tibetan bowls to the intoxicating sounds of nature.

Relax – unwind by picking a book off of the shelf and laying down on one of the outdoor beanbags, hammocks, or couches, or take a few more steps down to the beach and soak up some sun.


This retreat is about understanding that we hold the medicine we need in order to transform our lives. It will be a safe healing space that will bring us together in community in order to come back to ourselves, to make friends, and to celebrate existence. By slowing down and reconnecting to the rhythms of nature, we will align with the beauty of the present moment. 

It is a week of cultivating joy, space to reflect, rest and abundant self-love.