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be more fluid in our bodies

Emilia is originally from Italy but has been living around the world for the past 9 years.

Since a very young age she has been dedicating herself to the inner life and what she calls “the way of the soul”. She has extensively studied yoga, somatics, dance and meditation, teaching retreats and workshops around the world. She is also a somatic and soul-centered therapist and works 1:1 with people. 

In the last years she has dedicated her life to retrieve the ancient wisdom of our ancestors through herbalism, nature reconnection practices and rites of passage. She is also a doula and birth keeper and supports women and couples in the important rite of birth. Finally she is an aquatic bodyworker and works deeply in service of the element of water.



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Teacher's Note

This will be a unique opportunity to slow down, listen more deeply, connect inside and learn from the wisdom of the elements, water in particular. To be like water means remembering to flow with more ease in our lives, it means to apply less resistance and be more porous to life’s desire. Water is soft, all embracing and powerful at the same time. 

To be more fluid in our bodies and in our spirits means to be less rigid and ultimately learn how to enjoy life better and dance in harmony with it. 


What you will take home?

  • Deepen your connection to self
  • Remember how to live in harmony with yourself and the natural world 
  • Slow down and create space finding practices that support you to listen more deeply
  • Remove blocks that don’t allow you to let life flow through you 
  • Discover ways to find more ease in your life
  • Learn simple practices and rituals you can implement in your daily life
  • Reconnect to the wisdom of the elements and, in particular, the wisdom of water
  • Find ways to explore the watery landscapes of your being
  • Connect with a beautiful community of human beings

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