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I Guide Emotions In Motion

Miriam helps individuals to shed conditioning and bridge the gap between who they think they should be and who they are. 

Her work addresses the many ways we have been separated from the experience of our bodies, the natural world, our aliveness and our most basic inner truth. 

Her mission is to lead humans back to a pure, sensual and simple way of being through rituals, practices and ancient wisdom. A state of deep and true Self-Love. 

Towards this end, she employs several modalities tailored to the task at hand. She has received specialized training in a wide set of disciplines, each of which offers a piece to the puzzle of releasing fear, achieving vulnerability, and reconnecting with our authentic essence.

Miriam has completed advanced coursework in human psychology, Kundalini yoga, breathwork, meditation, and Eastern and indigenous ritual. She provides both individual and group sessions as well as personalized rituals and retreats. She has presented and taught around the world including at Burning Man, Summit, Design Hotels, Further Festival and Treehouse NYC. 

Miriam is the founder and Creative Director of La Luna, a global community dedicated to empowering women to find the way back to their hearts and live their uttermost truth.


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About the teacher

'Miriam is a beautiful soul with an immense capacity for compassion and an ability to create and hold a healing space that provides deep trust and surrender. Her practices guide you to claim your strength with courage, and confidently bring you to heart-expanding experiences. The connections made in her retreats are bonds that last a lifetime. A uniquely incredivle experience for anyone that wants to reconnect with themselves, to nature, to food, and others :)'


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