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a unique inner journey to discover infinite capabilities.

Born and raised in Athens, Maria teaches Yoga, runs two studios in the capital, and has been the director of studies of teacher training programs for Yoga Teachers. Her teachings and practices around the world are inspired by her "electric" nature that loves to embody art, music and Greek spirit in her classes. She travels a lot, coordinating numerous retreats in Greece but also around the world, all year long, longing to provide authentic experiences for participants.


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Teacher's Note

Join me for a unique experience of self exploration and connection with your Higher self. Get ready for a joyful, high spirited retreat where we’ll unveil what we’re really capable of, by discovering the skills to communicate and share!

What you will take home?

  • Tools for daily yoga practice
  • Tips for listening to our inner voice and using our outer voice to better communicate 
  • Breathwork exercises to ameliorate the function of our lungs and hearts, but also to improve the production of the voice
  • New "soul"mates!